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Beware, Artificial Sweeteners Can Also Trigger Diabetes

Some people deliberately leave natural sweeteners and switch to artificial sweeteners because they generally contain fewer calories and don’t make blood sugar soar. In fact, this type of sweetener It can also trigger diabetes.

Beware, Artificial Sweeteners Can Also Trigger Diabetes

Impact of Artificial Sweeteners on Blood Sugar

Diabetes mellitus is a long-term disease characterized by high blood sugar levels in the body. This disease can attack anyone who has an unhealthy lifestyle, such as consuming too much sugar or sweet foods.

Therefore, so as not to experience this health problem, many people do various ways, from exercising regularly, adopting a healthy diet, to replacing white sugar with artificial sweeteners.

But make no mistake, artificial sweeteners that are low in calories can actually trigger diabetes. This has been revealed by a number of studies.

According to a joint study conducted by the Medical College of Wisconsin and Marquette University, artificial sweeteners contain foreign substances. If consumed in the long term, there are various health risks that can occur.

The researchers conducted experiments on mice and cell cultures. After three weeks, it was found that artificial sweeteners can change the way the body processes fat and obtains energy.

Not only that, one type of artificial sweetener, namely acesulfame potassium, which accumulates in the blood can harm the cells lining blood vessels.

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Research on the impact of artificial sweeteners on blood sugar levels has also been published in journals cell. According to the study, sweeteners such as saccharin and aspartame can change the microbes in the body. This is what then causes a spike in blood sugar levels.

In addition, research has revealed the fact that artificial sweeteners can increase one’s appetite. In the end, this has an impact on weight gain to obesity.

For the record, obesity is a risk factor for diabetes, even though this disease can affect people of any weight.

So, can artificial sweeteners not be used?

Artificial sweeteners contain various chemicals and flavors many times sweeter than regular sugar. That’s what makes you only need to use it a little

Artificial sweeteners tend to be safe for health, including for someone with diabetes. In fact, experts have stated that artificial sweeteners do not have a significant impact on blood sugar.

Several types of sugar substitute sweeteners that are classified as safe, include:

  • Acesulfame potassium.
  • Aspartame.
  • Saccharin.
  • Stevia.
  • Sorbitol.
  • Xylitol.
  • Sucralose.

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Contrary to this, a number of studies have also revealed that there is a possibility that certain artificial sweeteners can trigger diabetes.

Therefore, the use of these sweeteners should be limited to avoid bad possibilities that can occur. You can consult a doctor about limits on daily consumption of sweeteners.

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