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Benefits of Protein During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Protein is an important nutrient that is needed by the body. Protein is used to build body cells, produce enzymes, hormones, and plays an important role in the body’s defense. Therefore, meeting protein needs every day is very important.

Everyone’s protein needs are different according to age and body condition. Several conditions cause the need for protein to increase, one of which is during pregnancy and breastfeeding. During these two important periods, protein is needed for the formation of cells and organs of the fetus so that it develops optimally, and improves the quality of breast milk during lactation.

Benefits of Protein During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

During pregnancy, protein is needed to build muscle, bone, tissue, and support the growth of the baby in the womb, especially in the second and third trimesters.

Adequate protein intake during pregnancy can reduce the risk of complications for the mother and fetus, such as premature labor and low birth weight (LBW).

In addition, protein is also very much needed by mothers after giving birth to help the body’s recovery process.

Not to forget, during breastfeeding, protein also plays a role that is no less important. During this breastfeeding period, the body uses protein to produce breast milk. In addition, protein is also very much needed to improve the quality of breast milk which is important in supporting the baby’s growth and development process.

Protein Needs During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

The average daily protein requirement for each person is about 1 gram per kilogram of body weight. That is, women with an average weight of 60 kg need about 60 grams of protein per day.

According to the Nutrition Adequacy Figures compiled by the Indonesian Ministry of Health, pregnant women need a protein intake of 61-90 grams per day. This amount will increase gradually, namely 61 grams in the first trimester, 70 grams in the second trimester, and 90 grams in the third trimester.

Meanwhile, during breastfeeding, you need to meet your protein intake of 80 grams every day, especially in the first six months of breastfeeding, then 75 grams every day for the following six months.

Protein deficiency during pregnancy and breastfeeding can have a drastic negative impact on the health of the mother and fetus/infant. This is because, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the baby will be very dependent on the mother’s nutritional intake, because only from the mother, the baby can get its nutritional intake. Therefore, it is important to consume sufficient protein during this period of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Meet Your Protein Needs During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding with PRENAGEN Mommy and Lactamom

So important is the role of protein during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so you certainly can’t lack protein intake.

To meet the increased protein needs during pregnancy, you can eat various types of high-protein foods, such as eggs, lean meat, fish, nuts, and dairy products.

Well, fortunately now there are PRENAGEN mommy and PRENAGEN lactamom which can help meet your protein needs during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


PRENAGEN mommy is a pregnancy nutrition that can help meet your protein needs during pregnancy and 1000 HPK (first day of life). The protein in PRENAGEN helps maintain the mother’s health during pregnancy and supports the formation of the baby’s organs, so that the baby is born perfect, at full age, which is 40 weeks with a standard weight of 2.5-4 kg.

PRENAGEN mommy contains protein, 20 Vitamin Minerals, DHA, and Omega 3 for baby’s brain development. In addition, PRENAGEN Mommy is also high in folic acid to prevent neural tube defects, iron, calcium and vitamin D. This product can be taken 2 glasses a day from the beginning of pregnancy until delivery.

Meanwhile, while you are breastfeeding your baby, don’t forget to meet your protein needs by drinking PRENAGEN lactamom booster milk. The protein content in it is good for the development of the baby’s organs, maintains the immune system, and as a source of energy so that the mother stays fit.

Apart from that, the content of protein, Vitamin B2 and B12 in PRENAGEN lactamom also supports heavy and quality breast milk. Equipped with DHA and Omega 3 for baby’s brain development, as well as Calcium and Vitamin D to maintain bone health and reduce body aches or pain for Mums.

Protein is one of the important nutrients that you must fulfill during pregnancy and breastfeeding to support your little one’s growth and development. For this reason, always meet your protein needs during pregnancy and breastfeeding with PRENAGEN mommy and PRENAGEN lactamom.

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