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Benefits of Peanuts for Diabetics, Able to Lower Blood Sugar?

Adding nuts to the daily diet is good for health, especially for people with type 2 diabetes. Then, what are the benefits of nuts for people with diabetes? Come onsee the discussion in this article.

Benefits of Peanuts for Diabetics, Able to Lower Blood Sugar?

Various Benefits of Nuts for Diabetics

The following are the benefits of eating nuts that diabetic patients can get, including:

1. Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Peanuts are foods that have a low glycemic index (GI) value of 13. The low GI value of nuts makes them believed to be able to control blood sugar levels, especially for diabetics.

For people with diabetes (diabetes) paying attention to the glycemic value of food is very important. It aims to keep blood sugar levels stable or not increase significantly.

You need to know, the GI value of food is a scale to assess how quickly food can cause blood sugar to rise. Foods that can increase blood sugar quickly can get a higher score.

Meanwhile according The British Journal of Nutrition revealed, eating peanuts or peanut butter every morning can help control blood sugar levels throughout the day. In addition, nuts can also reduce insulin spikes from foods that have a high GI when eaten together.

In addition, nuts are high in magnesium and that makes this food able to help control blood sugar levels.

2. Reducing the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

According to research published in Jjournal of the American College of Nutrition, kAcang can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and common complications of diabetes. By adding nuts, it can help lower high blood pressure to other common complications of diabetes.

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3. Controls Weight

Eating nuts can help reduce hunger because they can make you fuller. That way, these foods can maintain body weight while controlling blood glucose levels better.

However, you still need to limit portions or intake of eating nuts even though these foods have many benefits, including controlling weight. This is because nuts contain high calories so they need to be eaten in moderation.

Especially if you are limiting your calorie intake, it is better to eat nuts as a meal replacement, not as a food additive.

4. Lowers the Risk of Diabetes

Based on research in the Journal of the American Medical Association, peanut or peanut butter can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. In addition, nuts also contain unsaturated fats and nutrients that can help the body regulate insulin.

Now,, that’s the various benefits of eating nuts for diabetics. Most importantly, you still need to pay attention to how to consume it in order to get the maximum benefits. The best way to eat nuts that you can try is to eat them without added salt and sugar.

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