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Be careful, lack of movement can increase the risk of developing diabetes

One of the triggers for diabetes is an unhealthy lifestyle, for example, rarely exercising. So, why can these two things be related to each other? Check out the full explanation below.

Be careful, lack of movement can increase the risk of developing diabetes

Relationship of sedentary lifestyle with an increased risk of diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when a person’s body cannot process blood sugar into energy. This condition is caused by a disturbance in insulin production.

The body of a diabetic person produces insulin in small amounts. Even if it could, the body’s cells could not use insulin properly. This condition is known as insulin resistance.

There are various factors that can trigger diabetes, one of which is a lack of physical activity or exercise.

If the habit of being sedentary is accompanied by consuming sweet foods or high-calorie foods, the risk of developing diabetes can increase.

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For information, a lot of consumption of sweet foods or high-calorie foods can cause an increase in blood sugar levels. In the end, the pancreas can be overwhelmed in producing insulin to compensate for high blood sugar levels. This is what makes the pancreas more susceptible to damage.

Damaged pancreas can interfere with insulin production thus making high blood sugar levels. This condition can eventually lead to diabetes.

Consuming high-calorie foods and rarely moving will make food intake not all maximized into energy. Now,leftovers that are not used eventually just become a pile of fat that increases body weight.

In the end, you will be more prone to obesity. In fact, obesity is included in one of the factors that cause diabetes. Not only that, fat accumulation can also exacerbate existing diabetes conditions.

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How to Prevent Diabetes

After knowing the fact that lack of movement causes diabetes, start to change your lifestyle to be more active.

In addition, adopting a healthy lifestyle can also prevent you from getting various dangerous complications in the future. There are several ways to reduce the risk of diabetes, including:

  • Try to move a lot, for example, walk around the house.
  • Do regular exercise to lose weight, lower blood sugar levels, and increase insulin sensitivity.
  • If you are just starting to exercise, try a type of exercise with light to moderate intensity. After getting used to it, add the intensity of the exercise.
  • Consumption of complete and balanced nutritious foods, such as vegetables, fruit and fish.
  • Limit foods that are high in sugar, carbohydrates and saturated fat.
  • Controlling stress to keep it under control.

Meanwhile, for you already at the stage of prediabetes or have risk factors for this disease, start to change your lifestyle to prevent getting this disease.

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