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Bariatric surgery for diabetics, is it useful?

For people with type 2 diabetes, having bariatric surgery not only helps to lose weight, but can also be a way to control diabetes (diabetes). So, can this procedure cure diabetes? Check out the full explanation below.

Bariatric surgery for diabetics, is it useful?

Bariatric Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes

The procedure is also known as Stomach or intestinal surgery is done in an effort to help lose weight. Even so, this operation cannot be done haphazardly, especially for those of you who want to have a slim body.

For diabetics, this operation This is done by reducing the size of the stomach so that it helps reduce food intake. In addition, this operation also decreases the absorption of food in the small intestine.

A study revealed that if diabetics perform this surgical procedure, they are at risk heart attacks can be reduced by up to 35%.

In addition, this operation has other benefits for diabetics, including:

  1. Makes you feel full faster so you can eat less.
  2. Helps change how hormones work in the gut which can affect how the body makes insulin.
  3. Increase the amount of bile acids made by the body so that it is more sensitive to insulin.
  4. Improving the way the body uses insulin thereby making blood sugar levels lower.

Possible Risks Due to Bariatric Surgery

After knowing the benefits of doing this surgery, you also need to know what risks might occur if you do it, including:

  1. Having an infection postoperatively due to wound healing in diabetic patients is not the same as in ordinary patients.
  2. There is a blockage in the intestine.
  3. Malnutrition
  4. Blood clot formation.
  5. Has a bad response to anesthesia.
  6. Development of gallstones and kidney stones.
  7. Inflammation of the peritoneum, which is the tissue that covers and supports the organs in the abdomen.

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Types of Bariatric Surgery

There are three types of surgery based on surgical procedures, including:

  1. gastric band (gastric band): a surgery performed around the top of the stomach so you don’t have to eat as much to feel full.
  2. Bypass gastric: surgery performed by diverting the digestive system to pass through most of the stomach, except for the small pouch at the top. This can help you feel full faster and absorb fewer calories from food.
  3. Sleeve gastrectomy: this surgery is done by removing part of the stomach, but not moving part of the intestine. This way, you don’t have to eat too much to feel full.

When Should You Have Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery can be performed by people with type 2 diabetes who have the following criteria:

  1. Have body mass index with score 40 or more.
  2. Difficulty in losing weight after trying various weight loss methods such as diet and exercise.
  3. Experiencing severe negative effects of obesity.

Now, that’s a discussion about bariatric surgery and its relation to diabetes. Consultation with a doctor is needed about whether or not this surgery can be done.

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