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It is important to maintain the health and natural moisture of baby’s skin from birth. So even with his hair. Even though it’s not as thick as adult hair, baby hair still needs to be cared for so that it’s always healthy, soft, shiny, and doesn’t tangle easily.

So, to take care of your little one’s skin and hair thoroughly and optimally, you can only use one product, namely Cussons Baby Newborn Hair & Body Wash. The bath time is also shorter and your little one doesn’t get cold for too long!

Cussons Baby Newborn Hair & Body Wash contains selected ingredients that are adapted to the sensitive and thin skin of newborn babies, including:

  • Organic olive oil.
  • Natural Chamomile.
  • Pure water.

All three are able to help clean hair and skin gently while providing 10 times the moisture in your little one’s skin and hair.

Cussons Baby Newborn Hair & Body Wash is safe for your little one’s skin because it has been tested to be hypoallergenic and has a balanced pH. This product also contains 0% soap, alcohol and dyes, so it doesn’t cause irritation to your little one’s skin. Not to forget, the formulation is gentle on the eyes.

Cussons Baby Newborn Hair & Body Wash can be found at e-commerce and the closest outlet to Mums’ house. There are various sizes available, namely 100 ml, 200 ml, and 400 ml refills, which can be selected according to your needs.

Cussons Baby Newborn Hair & Body Wash is also available in the Cussons Baby Newborn Gift Pack accompanied by a series of other products, such as Cussons Baby Newborn Lotion, Cussons Baby Newborn Cream, and Cussons Baby Sensitive Baby Wipes. (US)


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