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Are COVID-19 Patients Allowed to Fast? | Good Doctor

Just like last year, the month of Ramadan this year is also being lived in the midst of a pandemic. For healthy people, fasting is mandatory. However, what about COVID-19 patients? Is it safe to continue fasting?

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Can COVID-19 patients fast?

Covid-19 patients fasting

In COVID-19 patients there are several considerations regarding fasting that need attention.

According to Professor Ari Fahrial Syam, a health expert and professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (FKUI), those who are experiencing health problems, even with mild symptoms, including COVID-19, should not fast first.

“We advise mild symptoms of Covid-19 patients not to fast during Ramadan just yet. Because they need good and consistent treatment so that the disease can be minimized,” As quoted from the page.

On the other hand, patients who have mild symptoms also need medicines that must be taken regularly, such as multivitamins. Not only that, patients are also required to adopt a healthy diet by consuming nutritious foods, such as vegetables.

Unlike the case with patients with mild symptoms, COVID-19 patients without symptoms are allowed to fast. With notes, must pay attention to the condition of the body.

“Unlike mild symptoms, if a Covid-19 patient is asymptomatic, we will give a ‘green light’ to fast. They may fast during Ramadan. But keep in mind, must pay attention to the condition of his body as well. If in the middle of the road there is a decrease in the quality of health, it is advisable to cancel the fast and immediately go to the doctor,” said Prof. Fahrial Syam.

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What about patients with severe symptoms?

For COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) stated that patients with severe symptoms are not required to fast during Ramadan, based on the doctor’s considerations.

Asrorun Ni’am Sholeh, Head of the MUI Fatwa Division, said that if the condition of a person infected with the corona virus gets worse while fasting or it can have a negative impact on his health, then it is permissible not to fast.

Prof Ari Fahrial Syam, as quoted from the page, also explained that anyone who is experiencing an acute infection is not recommended to fast, including in the case of COVID-19.

He also explained that if we are experiencing an acute infection, be it fever, cough, cold, typhus, dengue fever, including COVID-19, fasting is not obligatory.

Not to forget, Prof. Fahrial Syam also explained that in the body of someone who is experiencing an acute infection, there is resistance to the infection that attacks it.

Therefore, it is important for someone who is experiencing an acute infection to always maintain good body strength, such as maintaining fluid intake and food consumed.

What are the risks for patients with severe symptoms while fasting?

As already explained, patients with severe symptoms are not required to fast. This is because there are several risks that need to be watched out for.

Dr. Muhammed shafeeq, a pulmonologist, said that those who are COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms or those who experience fever and prolonged illness due to COVID-19 are at risk of experiencing dehydration when fasting. This was quoted from the Khaleej Times.

COVID-19 patients should consult a doctor before fasting

For patients without symptoms, if they want to fast, they must first consult a doctor.

Dr Muhammed Shafeeq, said that there was no evidence during the pandemic to show a detrimental effect of fasting in asymptomatic healthy individuals who had previously fasted safely.

However, asymptomatic patients should consult a doctor immediately if they experience symptoms or changes in their physical condition.

What about patients who have recently recovered from COVID-19 with severe symptoms?

Dr Sadeer Jamil Samara, a specialist in internal medicine explained that someone who is facing health problems after COVID-19 with severe symptoms must also carefully consider their health condition before fasting.

Meanwhile, someone who has been infected with COVID-19 and no longer has any symptoms can fast safely. “There is no reason to prevent them from fasting as long as they have no other health conditions and are completely free of symptoms.” Obviously.

That’s some information about the categories of COVID-19 patients who are allowed and not recommended to fast first. To break the chain of transmission of COVID-19, don’t forget to always apply health protocols, OK?

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