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Apart from health, fasting also has benefits for beauty Good Doctor

The month of Ramadan is in sight, most people in the world, especially Muslims, will undergo fasting.

Various studies have proven that fasting can provide a myriad of health benefits. Including beauty.

If carried out properly and routinely, fasting can improve your beauty naturally, you know. Curious? Read more.

Benefits of Fasting for Beauty

beauty benefits during fasting
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Here are some of the benefits of fasting for beauty:

1. Helps natural detoxification

Before undergoing fasting, the body has stored various toxins that are stored in fat. This poison comes from everyday foods that contain additives.

During fasting, even though there is no food intake, the body still needs energy so that the metabolic processes in the body run smoothly. For that the body must look for alternative energy sources.

Well, these conditions will usually trigger our brains to divert fat into alternative energy sources. So that fat deposits will be burned to provide energy to the body.

That way the toxins stored in fat can be lost. This detoxification process certainly also affects the skin. Skin can look healthier and naturally brighter.

2. Lose weight

Good news for those of you who want to maintain the appearance of your body, because fasting is also effective for losing weight. During fasting, the body will burn fat as a backup energy source.

According to the author of the book Eat Stop Eat, Brad Pilon at least fasting every day can reduce human weight by 0.5 kilograms.

Losing weight by fasting is also considered harmless because what is lost from your body is fat and toxins that are not good for the body.

3. Triggers cell regeneration

When fasting, your body will regenerate cells in the body, including skin cells. This cell regeneration can remove dead skin cells and replace them with new ones.

Of course, the appearance of your skin will be brighter, radiant and even supple thanks to cell regeneration.

4. Make eyeballs cleaner

The detoxification process of toxins and impurities during fasting occurs in various parts of the body. The eyeballs are no exception.

During fasting, your vision can become sharper because the dirt in the eyeball will be removed naturally by the body. In addition, the white part of the eyeball can look more sparkling.

5. Relieves skin inflammation

One problem that often occurs in facial skin is inflammation or inflammation. This is what usually causes facial skin to look pimpled or reddish.

When fasting, sugar levels in the body will decrease so that this condition can relieve inflammation or acne on the skin.

Unlike when not undergoing fasting, sugar levels in the body tend to be higher. This condition usually triggers the skin to become more prone to breakouts.

Apart from avoiding inflammation and acne, your skin will also look more radiant because you take better care of your food intake.

6. Healthy nails and hair

If you have problems with dull nails and hair, during fasting you can be free from these problems, you know.

Regular fasting every day can trigger your nails and hair to grow healthier and stronger. This is because cell regeneration also occurs in the nails and hair.

7. Accelerate wound healing on the skin

Fasting also has other benefits, namely accelerating the healing of wounds on the skin. Your body will concentrate on accelerating new cell division and strengthening immunity in the injured part. So that dead and old skin cells in the wound can be replaced with new ones.

8. Prevent aging

In order to stay beautiful, one of the things that is always maintained is to avoid aging. It turns out that fasting can also reduce the risk of aging in you, you know.

The active process of cell regeneration in the skin and other parts of the body will make your skin look young and avoid dull skin and wrinkles.

So, there are not many benefits of fasting for beauty. In addition to a healthier body, you will also get a more beautiful appearance than before.

So how, are you ready to fast this year?

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