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Ants Covered in Pee, Is It Really Diabetes?

Sweet food or drink being surrounded by ants is something that usually happens, but what if ants are surrounded by urine. Is diabetes really the cause? Check out the full explanation in the following review.

Ants Covered in Pee, Is It Really Diabetes?

Diabetes Causes Sweet Scented Urine

When you find urine surrounded by ants, of course this makes you worry. In fact, there are allegations that this condition occurs due to diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease when the body cannot process glucose (sugar) into energy. The reason could be due to insufficient production of the hormone insulin or the body cannot produce this hormone. In fact, the action of insulin is very important for this process.

As a result, sugar levels in a person’s blood can accumulate to trigger a number of symptoms, including problems when urinating.

Diabetics or diabetics usually complain of an increased frequency of urination than usual. However, is urine surrounded by ants a symptom of diabetes?

In fact, the sweet smell of a person’s urine can be a sign that blood sugar levels are high. High blood sugar (hyperglycemia) is a common condition found in people with diabetes, both type 1 and type 2.

So, if you find sweet-smelling urine that is surrounded by ants, it could be that the sugar in the blood is too high.

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However, don’t rush to conclusions if the cause of urine surrounded by ants is diabetes. Although this can be an early symptom in people who have not been previously diagnosed, keep an eye out for other symptoms that may appear.

Some of the other symptoms that can be experienced by diabetics, include:

  • Frequent urination.
  • Thirst and hunger increase.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Weight loss.
  • Extreme fatigue.
  • Wounds that are difficult to heal.
  • Frequent infections.
  • Tingling or numbness in hands or feet.
  • Dry skin.

Other Causes of Urine Surrounded by Ants

Sweet-smelling urine is not normal, especially if you experience it suddenly. This condition could be caused by a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention.

Despite being a common cause, diabetes is not the only condition that triggers urine to be covered in ants. A sweet smell in your urine can appear due to several conditions, including:

1. Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Diabetic ketoacidosis can appear as a complication of uncontrolled diabetes. Sweet-smelling urine is one of the symptoms.

So, if you were previously diagnosed with diabetes and experience urine surrounded by ants, be aware of the possibility of this condition. Especially if you have type 1 diabetes.

In addition to sweet-smelling urine, a person with diabetic ketoacidosis can experience other symptoms, such as sweet-smelling breath, seizures, fatigue, and confusion.

2. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Another cause of peeing surrounded by ants is a urinary tract infection. This condition is caused by a bacterial infection such as E. Coli.

One of the symptoms of sufferers is urine that smells strong or sweet. The reason is, when urinating, the body is removing bacteria through urine.

Another sign of a urinary tract infection is an increased urge to urinate and a painful sensation when urinating.

3. Foetor Hepaticus

Possible causes of peeing surrounded by other ants namely foetor hepaticus. This condition occurs in people who have liver disease.

In sufferers, the compounds that arise from liver damage enter the lungs. As a result, breath becomes sweet / musty and urine smells unusual.

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4. Maple Syrup Urine Disease

This disease is rare because it is usually only inherited from the genes of both parents. This condition occurs when a person’s body cannot properly process amino acids.

Apart from the sweet-smelling smell of urine, a person with this condition can experience other symptoms in the form of seizures, stunted development, and problems with eating.

Now you already know that the cause of urine covered with ants is not only due to diabetes, this condition can be influenced by various other things.

If you experience this condition, don’t delay getting it checked by a doctor. That way, you know the exact cause and get treatment according to your condition.

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