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After Declared Recovered, Cancer Survivors Must Know Survivor Care Plan | Good Doctor | Health Tips, Doctor Chat, Buy Medicine Online | Good Doctor

When survivors have been declared cured of cancer, of course they need health care that is a little different. This stage is also a new challenge after completing cancer treatment, because they can have difficulty getting used to new routines.

This will be a time of ongoing adjustment, as cancer survivors begin to walk away from all kinds of treatment. Life transition after cancer treatment turns out to take longer.

Therefore, Survivor Care Plan very needed by empowering survivors and healthcare providers to work together to meet the care needs of this transitional period.

plan or the plan will contain cancer records and medical history, to further examinations or tests needed in the future. In addition, it can also list the possible long-term effects of treatment, as well as plans for staying healthy.

plan which is mandatory in the care for survivors cancer

In handling survivors cancer, you must have a record that contains a summary of treatment as well as a plan of future survival care.

Ask a hospital for recommendations that offer this type of follow-up care or survival care as needed. The following is the full contents of the notes from Survivor Care Plan:

1. Summary of treatment for survivors cancer

This treatment summary includes diagnostic and treatment information, such as:

  • Type of cancer, severity (stage, grade, or risk group), date of diagnosis, and pathology report.
  • The type of treatment received, including the names and doses of all medications, as well as the total number and locations of radiation therapy received.
  • Treatment date.
  • Major reports and scans, such as CT scans and MRIs.
  • Side effects or complications experienced during treatment.
  • Received supportive care or called palliative care such as counseling and physical therapy.
  • Identify the number and title of the clinical trial, specifically for survivors who are currently in clinical trials.
  • Names and contact information of people on the survivor’s health support team.

2. Treatment plan survivorship

Survival care plan or survivorship, also known as a follow-up care plan that is developed for each survivor. Maintenance survivorship this will be based on the type of cancer as well as the treatment received.

For example, some people may need to return for visits every month for the first year after they finish treatment. But there are also some who may not need to come back that often.

Here are some checks needed in treatment survivorshiplike:

  • Ways to manage side effects after undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Schedule screenings and tests needed to check for return of cancer and other conditions.
  • Possible late and long-term effects of treatment and their signs and symptoms.
  • Potential effects on family, school, and work relationships.
  • Referrals for family and work support.
  • Education, insurance, employment, and financial issues.
  • Referrals for financial and legal assistance.
  • Recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, such as nutrition and physical activity.
  • Genetic counseling and testing.
  • Referral to the specialist needed for further treatment.
  • Cancer-related resources.

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