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9 Ways to Diet When Fasting to Lose Weight Faster

Apart from carrying out worship, some people may take advantage of the fasting moment of Ramadan for dieting. is aare you one of them? Check out the various effective ways to lose weight during fasting below.

9 Ways to Diet When Fasting to Lose Weight Faster

How to Safely Lose Weight while Fasting

Fasting can trigger ketosis, which occurs when the body doesn’t have enough glucose (sugar in the blood) to process it for energy.

In the end, the body will break down fat in the body as energy reserves. This condition is said to help you lose weight. Although in some people this condition can occur, there are some things that must be considered.

Some effective ways to lose weight during fasting include:

1. Avoid Missing Sahur

Sahur is often missed by some people, either because they are lazy to prepare food early in the morning or it is difficult to get up at that time.

In fact, sahur will help you stay energized throughout the day. However, do not just eat. Look back at the breakfast menu eaten.

2. Consumption of Complete and Balanced Nutritious Foods

Tips for losing weight during the next fast is to choose healthy foods. Consume complete and balanced nutritious food at dawn and breaking the fast.

Add complex carbohydrates and protein to your daily diet. These two combinations will help you feel full longer and help keep blood sugar levels stable during fasting.

3. Avoid Processed Products

You may be tempted to eat convenience foods like junk food. However, if you want to lose weight while fasting, you must limit or avoid this habit.

These practical processed foods can make you addicted. This can make it difficult to control your urge to eat during the day.

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4. Avoid Greasy Foods

The cooking oil used for frying contains lsaturated fat and trans fat. Both types of fat can increase fat deposits in the body so that the ideal body weight that you desire cannot be achieved.

Keep in mind, every gram of trans fat contains 9 calories. Eating oily food in excess can cause weight gain.

5. Avoid Excessive Use of Sugar and Salt

Although sometimes it’s hard to miss sweet foods and drinks, but please note that these intakes will be digested quickly by the body. This will make you more hungry easily.

Meanwhile, a study revealed that reducing the amount of salt in food can help you lose weight quickly.

6. Food Consumption Within Reasonable Limits

The way to make your diet run smoothly during fasting is to pay attention to the portion of food consumed.

Remember, even if you endure hunger and thirst all day, that doesn’t mean you can ‘revenge’ at iftar time.

Excessive food consumption can derail your weight loss plans. Moreover, the food consumed contains high amounts of saturated fat and sugar.

Instead, consume food slowly in reasonable portions. That way, your target weight can be achieved.

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7. Drink Water

Meeting your fluid needs can help you lose weight during fasting. You have to drink at least 8 glasses every day by dividing it into sahur and breaking the fast.

Drinking water can prevent dehydration and can help control sugar cravings.

8. Stay Sports

Even though you don’t eat much during fasting, it doesn’t mean you are lazy to exercise. Remember, physical activity is still important to keep in shape. However, reduce the intensity of exercise during fasting. The reason is, the energy from your food intake is reduced.

9. Get enough rest

Want to lose weight during fasting? Try to get enough sleep. That way, the body’s metabolic system can work effectively.

Conversely, lack of sleep can interfere with metabolism so that the body will find it difficult to destroy fat.

Now, there are several ways to lose weight while fasting. So that the diet can run optimally, you can also consult with a nutritionist first.

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