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9 Tips for Homecoming so that Children Are Always Calm on the Trip

For parents who have small children, traveling back and forth can be quite challenging. Children can be tired, get sick during or after the trip, to be more fussy than usual. For a safe and comfortable trip, check out the various tips for going home with children in the following review.

9 Tips for Homecoming so that Children Are Always Calm on the Trip

Tips for Comfortable and Safe Homecoming when Bringing Children

Most parents will probably feel anxious when they have to take their little one along for homecoming. How not, children can become fussy, feel bored, to the risk of health problems.

Here are tips for going home with children to stay comfortable and safe, including:

1. Prepare the Needs in Advance

If you and your partner’s needs can be prepared suddenly, this is not the case with children’s equipment. You have to prepare for your little one’s needs in advance.

First, you can write down a list of children’s needs. In general, various needs of children, including:

  • Change of clothes and diapers.
  • Socks, hats, jackets, blankets to keep your little one warm and comfortable.
  • Plastic or special containers for storing dirty clothes.
  • Wipe or wet wipes.

Also, make sure that important equipment is stored in a bag or container that is easy to reach.

2. Set Departure Time

The next tip for going home with children is to determine the time of departure. It is better if the trip is done during the little one’s rest hours so that you and your family can be comfortable while on the trip.

This method can also be very helpful if your child is younger. That way, he’s less likely to fuss.

3. Give Understanding to Children

Before going home, make sure you talk to your children first; starting from the purpose of traveling to what might be encountered during the trip. Thus, mentally he will be more prepared.

In addition, children will get an idea of ​​what to do during the trip and after arriving at their hometown. He also tends not to be fussy, and can even help you prepare the equipment to be brought.

4. Bring Food

The next tip for going home with children is to make sure you bring food or snacks. Choose healthy food and don’t forget to bring enough water. Saat going home make sure the child continues to eat nutritious food and drink water so they don’t get dehydrated.

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5. Take Time to Rest

Take time to stop and rest so your child can move and play moodhe remains cheerful during the trip.

If your child is fussy because they are bored while traveling, you can stop for a while whenever possible. Invite the child to stand or walk around for a while while talking about the scenery outside.

Make sure you provide a separate chair for the child so that he is free to sit or lie down. Also give him a massage so that the feeling of fatigue or aches in his body can disappear.

6. Anticipate Travel Sickness

Motion sickness can happen to anyone, especially children. Therefore, anticipate this situation with proper preparation.

Motion sickness doesn’t affect most babies and toddlers. However, children aged 2 to 12 years are very susceptible to experiencing it.

You can do homecoming tips with children who are often drunk with various precautions as follows:

  • Invite children to look outside rather than just focusing on gadgets or reading books.
  • Avoid giving heavy food to children before the trip. Instead, give him a treat, such as crackers or fruit.
  • Distract children’s attention by inviting them to chat, sing, or listen to music.
  • Make sure you bring along medicines for your child’s motion sickness.

7. Bring Children’s Favorite Toys

Tips for going home with children so they don’t get fussy, one of which is to bring their favorite toys. Thus, he can overcome boredom by playing.

Make sure the toy is easy to carry. In addition, you can also choose educational games, such as picture books.

8. Bring Medicine and First Aid Box

Things that are no less important for you to bring on your trip back and forth are medicines and a first aid kit. Especially if the child has a history of certain diseases.

Make sure medicines that children really have to consume are located in an easy-to-reach place.

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9. Anticipate Something Unexpected

During the trip, you certainly can’t guess what will happen. For example, the child is fussy and has a tantrum wanting to return home.

If you face this, give more time to calm your little one. You can stop and rest for a while so that the child can move and play so moodit came back fine.

Now, those are some homecoming tips with children that you can apply. Remember, don’t get too hung up on the estimated time to get to your destination, because the most important thing is the comfort and safety of you and your family.

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