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9 Feelings of Broken Home Children that Parents Must Understand

Growing up in a family that is not harmonious and doesn’t work like a family makes broken home children have various negative emotions within them. Therefore, recognizing the feelings of broken home children is something that is important for parents and other family members to pay attention to.

9 Feelings of Broken Home Children that Parents Must Understand

Understanding the Feelings of Broken Home Children

Disharmonious family conditions can leave emotional scars for children. This condition makes children more prone to depression and anxiety disorders. Apart from that, other feelings that can be felt by broken home children, including:

1. Often Feel Lonely

Children from disharmonious families will generally spend more time outside the home. The reason is, a child no longer finds comfort in the house.

As a result, when out with his friends, a child will buy time to go home.

2. More Sensitive to Things

Another feeling that broken home children can show is that they are more sensitive when facing a problem.

The reason is, children with this condition are often faced with situations when their parents fight. This is what makes him more sensitive.

In addition, growing up in a broken home can make children more sensitive to the conditions experienced by others. This will make it easy for him to empathize with the situations that are happening around him.

This condition occurs because children from disharmonious families are more sensitive due to feeling sick and injured too often.

Children will be forced to grow up to be strong in the family. As a result, a child will always be there for others than himself.

3. Difficult to Show Emotions

One of the feelings of a broken home child that can backfire in itself is the difficulty in showing the emotions they feel.

You need to know, some people might be able to hide their emotions unintentionally, but in children broken homehe can hide it because of fear.

In the end, children with this condition will tend to be silent, not showing the emotions they feel. Though this is not good for health, both physically and mentally.

Keep in mind, hiding emotions can cause stress and anxiety. In some cases, a person may be more irritable.

Meanwhile, the impact on physical health can trigger stress which results in an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. Other effects impact on memory disorders.

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4. Overprotective

The feeling of a broken home child arises because of an instinct to protect from a young age. For example, children who grow up in less harmonious families and have younger siblings; generally has the feeling of protecting his sister very strictly.

This is what keeps him always acting as a protector of the people who matter in his life.

5. Full of Love and Affection

Growing up in a family without enough love makes a broken home child understand what it feels like to want to be loved.

As a result, broken home children will always give love and affection to the people around them. Hopefully he will get the same reply.

In fact, without this reply, a child will continue to try to give because he understands what it feels like to want love and affection.

6. Always Seek Attention

Often do not get the attention of parents, broken home children always want to get attention from the people around them.

The feelings of a broken home child can lead to acts of bullying. The reason is, children with this condition will seek attention no matter what.

Not only being a bully for other people, broken home children can also ‘bully’ themselves. He often thinks what he does is always wrong.

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7. Often Avoiding Problems

The feeling of wanting to avoid problems is often felt by broken home children. This happens because he is too often confronted by parental quarrels.

Broken home children will avoid being in that situation more often. The chosen escape sometimes leads to positive things, such as sticking with a hobby. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for children to seek escape from negative things.

8. Be careful in choosing associations

Another thing that is always a concern for broken home children is to be careful in choosing associations; as a result of a family that is not harmonious.

Growing up in an impressed family toxic makes him not want to have the same environment outside the family. As a result, children are more sensitive in assessing other people.

9. More Ambitious

Broken home children usually have strong ambitions to get a better life in the future. This can arise due to anger because his life is not ‘fun’.

A child has the desire to succeed, both in achieving goals and in having a happy family in the future.

Nowthose are the various feelings of broken home children that every parent should understand.

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