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9 Benefits of Plums for Body Health

Although plums in Indonesia are not as popular as other fruits, this one fruit is rich in antioxidants and various vitamins and minerals. What are the benefits of eating this fruit for health? Check out the full list in the following review.

9 Benefits of Plums for Body Health

Various Benefits of Plums for Health

Plum is a fruit that is rich in essential nutrients for the body because it contains carbohydrates, calories, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, copper and manganese.

Thanks to all of these ingredients, the benefits of plums for health need not be doubted. There are a number of benefits of this fruit, including:

1. Overcoming Constipation

Consumption of foods that contain high fiber can help smooth the digestive system. One of the foods that can be selected is plums.

Not only that, this fruit also contains sorbitol (sugar alcohol). This sweetener can act as a natural laxative so it can help launch bowel movements.

2. Lose Weight

One of the benefits of plums that is a shame to miss is their effect on weight loss.

This one fruit is low in fat so it can be a healthy snack choice for your weight loss diet.

Research also shows that consumption of prunes can help a person feel fuller, thereby preventing you from overeating.

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3. Maintain Stable Blood Sugar Levels

Although the carbohydrate content in this fruit is not small, its effect on increasing blood sugar levels is not too obvious.

In addition, the properties of plums are good for keeping blood sugar levels stable thanks to the fiber in them. Fiber can increase adiponectin, a hormone that plays a role in regulating blood sugar.

Fiber can also slow down the absorption of carbohydrates in the body. Therefore, the increase in blood sugar will not spike, but will occur gradually.

4. Prevent Osteoporosis

The benefits of dried plums to prevent osteoporosis are thought to come from the boron content in them. Boron can extend the resistance of estrogen and vitamin D in the body.

In addition, the content of vitamin K which is abundant in dried plums can help maintain the balance of calcium in the body. Thus, bone health is always maintained.

Not enough to stop there, several other ingredients found in fruit such as antioxidants, potassium, and magnesium, also support bone health.

5. Boosts the Immune System

Another benefit of plums that can be obtained by the body is to increase the body’s immune system. The reason is, this fruit is rich in vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant.

Vitamin C can help increase the body’s resistance so it can prevent inflammation and infection.

6. Controls Blood Pressure

Plums contain potassium which is good for controlling blood pressure. This content will help get rid of sodium in the body through urine when urinating.

Another way for potassium to regulate blood pressure to stay within normal limits is by reducing the tension in the walls of blood vessels.

When your blood pressure is controlled, the risk of stroke will be reduced.

7. Maintain Skin Health

Another benefit of plums that can be obtained is the ability to maintain healthy skin. This comes from the various vitamins in it, such as vitamins C, A, and E.

Consumption of this fruit regularly and in moderation makes the skin produce collagen and maintain skin elasticity.

In addition, plums have various ingredients that act as antioxidants. Not only good for maintaining skin health, this content can also fight free radicals in the body.

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8. Maintain Eye Health

Plums contain as much as 227.70 IU of vitamin A. It should be noted that vitamin A is a good vitamin for maintaining eye health. Therefore, if you want the health of this organ to be maintained, you can start consuming it regularly.

9. Overcoming Anxiety Disorders

Benefits of plums can help deal with the problem of anxiety disorders. This effect comes from the various ingredients that act as antioxidants in it. Please note, when antioxidant levels in the body are low, the risk of anxiety can increase.

Now, that’s a series of benefits of plums for health that it’s a shame to miss. Add this fruit to your snack menu to get a variety of benefits.

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