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9 benefits of having sex during pregnancy and tips for doing it

Having sex during pregnancy is an activity that is often associated with disturbances in the fetus. In fact, sex during pregnancy is not always dangerous; unless the doctor or midwife forbids it.

9 benefits of having sex during pregnancy and tips for doing it

Various Benefits of Having Sex during Pregnancy

Between the various changes that occur in the body, such as surging hormones, morning sickness, and ever-expanding waistlines, sex may be the last thing on your mind when you’re pregnant. Even so, having sex during pregnancy can actually provide many benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of sex during pregnancy that you must know, including:

1. Exercising Muscles for Labor

The orgasm that occurs during sex increases contractions in the pelvic floor and strengthens the muscles needed for labor and after delivery.

Orgasm signals the release of oxytocin, a hormone that can increase your tolerance for pain. After sex, you probably won’t be bothered by a sore back or cramps.

2. Sleep Better

The benefit of having sex during the next pregnancy is that it makes pregnant women sleep better. Body movements during intercourse can lull the fetus to sleep, so there will be fewer kicks while you’re trying to sleep.

3. Prevents Weight Gain and Disease

Having sex during pregnancy can prevent you from gaining excess weight during pregnancy. In addition, this activity also makes the immune system stronger so it can help protect you from the effects of a cold or flu.

4. Lowers Blood Pressure

Keeping blood pressure not too high is something that is important during pregnancy. High blood pressure is linked to preeclampsia, a complication that can affect pregnant women.

One of the steps that can be taken to prevent it is to have sex during pregnancy.

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5. Inducing Labor

Having sex during pregnancy helps contract the pelvic muscles and opens the cervix. The benefits of sex during pregnancy help in vaginal delivery, because the delivery process becomes easier and does not require external assistance to expel the fetus.

Some doctors even recommend having sex closer to your due date to induce labour.

6. Reducing Stress

Oxytocin, a hormone in the female reproductive system, is released when the body has an orgasm. This hormone, known as the love hormone, can help relieve some of the stress and promote restful sleep.

Even though pregnancy is something to be happy about, you will usually worry about other things like work, finances, and how life will change after the baby is born.

7. Increases Inner Bonding

Frequent intercourse during pregnancy will help strengthen the intimate relationship and bond you have with your partner, as well as establish healthy habits in the future.

8. Preparation for Labor

If your due date is overdue, intercourse during pregnancy will not make you go into labour, but it can actually help your body prepare for birth, because semen contains prostaglandins which can help ripen the cervix.

9. Increase Self-Esteem

The physical changes that occur in pregnant women often cause feelings of insecurity. To overcome this, sex during pregnancy is one way you can try.

An increased sex drive can give you self-confidence and help develop a positive attitude towards yourself. This activity will make a difference in how you see yourself and how others see you.

Nowthose are some of the benefits of having sex during pregnancy that you can get.

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Tips for having sex during pregnancy

After you know the benefits of sex during pregnancy as above, there are other important things that must also be understood before you do it, including:

1. Pay attention to health conditions

Intercourse during young pregnancy must be done comfortably so that contractions do not occur which cause rupture of the membranes. This is because the rupture of the amniotic fluid causes the baby to become poisoned and infected.

If you experience rupture of membranes immediately contact the doctor. If this condition lasts more than 6 hours, you should be given antibiotics. If you don’t get treatment immediately, the growth of bacteria can increase.

Another problem to watch out for is that the umbilical cord will be pinched between the fetus and the uterus. As a result, fetal distress can occur, such as running out of oxygen.

In certain situations, having sex in the second trimester is not allowed especially in pregnant women with placenta previa, in which the placenta blocks the cervix. Other conditions are premature cervical dilation and pregnant women who are at risk of preterm labor.

2. Perfect timing

The right time to have sex during pregnancy is after the first trimester until the age of 7 months. At this time, pregnant women are relaxed and more comfortable.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, you should postpone having sex. The reason is, sex in early pregnancy is easy to occur contractions. The placenta has not yet formed so it can result in a miscarriage if there are violent contractions.

Meanwhile, at 7-9 months of gestation, the frequency of sex should be reduced until the fetus is 9 months old because this can harm the fetus. Contractions can cause rupture of the membranes and the fetus can become infected.

3. Sex positions during pregnancy are safe

Many people think sex during pregnancy is very dangerous for the fetus because the penis, orgasm and ejaculation can hurt the baby. Actually this is not the case, sex with partners before labor must be done very relaxed. A good position for having sex during pregnancy is not pressing on the stomach.

A good position to have sex during pregnancy is half-sitting or lifting your legs up so that you are comfortable while making love.

Avoid lying on your back or missionary position when having intercourse during pregnancy to keep the main blood vessels smooth. Another way to make sex more comfortable is to try lying on your side.

In essence, pregnancy will make your body adapt to many changes, so follow your instincts and your libido and do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

If you want to relax, go for it, but don’t hold back if you want to satisfy your sexual desires. Enjoy the transition period your body is going through so that labor can run smoothly.

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