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8 Choices of Oil for Cooking that are Safe for Diabetics

Not only the type of food that must be considered carefully, diabetics must also pay attention to how to process food, including understanding what oil to use for cooking. The reason is, there are oils that have a bad impact on the body. So, what cooking oil is safe for diabetes?

8 Choices of Oil for Cooking that are Safe for Diabetics

A Good Oil Alternative for Diabetics

Oil for cooking is an important part of creating a healthy diet. However, diabetics (diabetics) cannot consume oil carelessly. Sufferers are advised to choose oils that contain omega-3 because they do not cause spikes in blood sugar.

Here are several types of oil that can be an option for diabetics in carrying out a healthy diet, including:

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is made from the flesh of old coconuts. This oil is rich in antioxidants and low in cholesterol.

Not only that, coconut oil has flavours which is unique is sweet and nutty, so it can add flavor to food.

Many are associated with various health benefits, coconut oil can protect cells from damage and can prevent chronic diseases, such as obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

A study involving 9 healthy men who consumed coconut oil for 8 weeks showed an increase in insulin sensitivity. When insulin becomes more sensitive, more sugar can be carried to cells and blood sugar levels become healthier.

2. Sunflower Seed Oil (Sunflower Oil)

Sunflower seed oil contains vitamin E, which has a role as an antioxidant so it can protect against damage to cells. This oil also contains oleic acid which plays a role in lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease.

People with diabetes have a 2 times higher risk of developing heart disease than people without diabetes. High blood sugar can damage blood vessels so that cholesterol can stick more easily.

This sunflower oil can increase good cholesterol and contribute antioxidants to the body so that plaque is reduced. Thus, heart disease can also be prevented.

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3. Canola Oil

Canola oil can be a good source of unsaturated fats, vitamin E, and vitamin K. This content can lower total cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol so that it can prevent heart disease as a complication of diabetes.

A study states that canola oil can be an option for people with type 2 diabetes because it can help lower blood sugar levels.

4. Olive Oil

This oil is the most popular type of oil. However, olive oil has a low smoke point, making it unsuitable for high-temperature food processing.

Not only does it contain unsaturated fatty acids which can control blood cholesterol, but olive oil also contains antioxidants which can protect the body from the risk of disease, including type 2 diabetes mellitus.

A study found that diabetic patients who consume olive oil as part of their diet can significantly reduce fasting blood sugar.

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5. Avocado Oil

Avocado oil can be an alternative as a healthy oil for diabetics. The content of unsaturated fatty acids in this oil can support heart health and lower cholesterol.

In addition, the antioxidant content in this oil is effective in preventing diabetes complications.

Light taste and buttery of this oil can give a unique taste to sweet or salty foods. You can also use avocado oil as a substitute for the oil in traditional mayonnaise, making the mayonnaise even healthier.

6. Bran Oil (Rice Bran Oil)

The oil extracted from the outer part of the rice has many benefits. Rice bran oil is known to contain antioxidants which can reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, and can increase insulin resistance.

Studies have shown that bran oil can significantly lower blood sugar in rats with type 2 diabetes.

7. Safflower Oil

Safflower oil is an oil that has a high smoke point so it can be used to process food at high temperatures, such as frying. This oil also has flavor It is neutral so it can be added to various dishes.

Apart from containing unsaturated fatty acids which can help regulate hormones and reduce inflammation, safflower oil also contains vitamin E which can act as an antioxidant to protect against damage to the body’s organs due to free radicals.

A study revealed that consumption of foods high in unsaturated fatty acids can make blood sugar control better.

8. Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil contains lignans which act as antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to increase insulin sensitivity and slow diabetes.

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, flaxseed oil can also support heart health, lower cholesterol, and reduce stroke risk.

Flaxseed oil is suitable for low temperature food processing.

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Tips for Choosing Oil for Diabetics

In order not to choose the wrong one, here are some things to consider when choosing oil for cooking, including:

1. Choose with a little saturated fat content

Saturated fat will increase LDL cholesterol which can cause blockages in blood vessels. You can choose canola, safflower, or sunflower seed oil.

2. Pay attention to the ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3

Omega-3 is a fat that has a good impact while omega-6 is more unhealthy. Actually, a 1:1 ratio is the most ideal, but of course this ratio is difficult to obtain.

The best choices are canola oil, olive oil, and safflower oil.

3. Consider the Smoke Point of the Oil

Every oil has a smoke point. When the smoke point of an oil is low, the oil will burn easily and produce free radicals which are harmful to the body. This type of oil cannot be used to process food at high temperatures and can only be used as a salad dressings.

You can choose avocado oil, safflower oil, and coconut oil if you want to use the oil for frying because it has a high smoke point and is stable.

Now,, those are some good oil choices for diabetics as well as tips for choosing the right oil. Don’t forget to always adopt a balanced diet to keep your body healthy. Hopefully this information is useful, Healthy Friends.

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