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8 Causes of Foamy Urine You Should Be Aware Of

Under normal conditions, urine is generally light yellow or golden and does not cause foam. So, does foamy urine signify a serious health problem? Check out the explanation below.

8 Causes of Foamy Urine You Should Be Aware Of

Various Conditions That Cause Foamy Urine

Urine always frothy when you pee may be a sign health problems. So, it is very important to visit a doctor to find the cause and provide the right treatment.

The following are various causes of foamy urine, including:

1. Dehydration

One of the main causes of foamy urine that many experience is a lack of body fluids. When the body lacks fluids, the urine that is excreted will become concentrated and eventually form bubbles when mixed with water.

To overcome this situation, you are advised to consume 7-8 glasses of water every day so that the urine remains clear and the work of the kidneys does not become heavy.

2. Inflammation of the Kidneys

This condition can cause foamy urine. When the kidneys cannot work optimally or their work is hampered, the protein or substances needed by the body will pass through the filter. As a result, urine becomes thick and foamy when excreted.

3. Diabetes

Diabetes can cause albumin levels pass through the kidneys, this condition can be the cause of frothy urine.

In addition, complications of type 2 diabetes are caused by changes in the structure and formation of the kidney can cause ndiabetic efropathy.

Several studies have shown that damage to the renal microvascular (small blood vessels) and filtration system results from diabetic nephropathy; allows protein to pass into the urine more easily. This condition can cause proteinuria and cause foamy urine.

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4. Urinary Tract Infection

When you have a urinary tract infection (UTI), the urine that comes out will be dirtier, frothy, and mixed with many germs.

Apart from foamy urine, other symptoms that may arise include pain or burning when urinating, frequent urination, and blood in the urine.

It should also be noted, some drugs to treat UTIs contain active ingredients henazopyridine hydrochloride which can cause foamy urine.

5. Retrograde Ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation is a medical condition in which semen is pushed back into the bladder instead of being released through the penis.

Although men can still reach sexual climax, they ejaculate very little or no semen. This condition, which is often called dry orgasm, is often the cause of foamy urine.

6. Semen in Urine

Although this condition is rare, foamy urine in men may be caused by semen in the urine. This condition can occur when small amounts of semen enter the urethra—with prostatitis or retrograde ejaculation.

If you experience it, immediately see a urologist to investigate the cause and start the appropriate treatment.

7. Protein in Urine

One of the main causes of frothy urine is the presence of protein in the urine. Excess protein can occur after intense physical exercise or excessive intake of protein supplements.

However, protein in the urine can also be a sign of a more serious health problem, such as kidney problems, high blood pressure (hypertension), or untreated diabetes.

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8. Urination Speed

Bladder is too full and the habit of not going to the toilet immediately, can make urine come out too quickly and cause bubbles when it hits the toilet.

However, this foam will usually disappear within a few minutes and is not an indication of a serious problem.

For To find out if the foam is caused by a fast stream of urine, try letting it sit for a few moments. If the foam disappears after a few minutes, this does not indicate a health problem.

Now,, those are the various causes of foamy urine that you need to be aware of. If you experience this condition every time you urinate, immediately check with the doctor. Hopefully this information is useful, Healthy Friends.

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