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7 Tips So That You Don’t Lose Weight During Fasting

Changes in eating patterns will certainly be experienced by everyone who is fasting. These changes often cause concern, one of which is weight loss—especially for someone with a thin body. So, how do you avoid losing weight during fasting?

7 Tips So That You Don't Lose Weight During Fasting

Tips for Maintaining Weight During Fasting

Here are some ways you can do to keep your weight from dropping during fasting, including:

1. Don’t Miss Sahur

Sahur is important to ensure that the body continues to have nutrient and fluid intake until sunset. When you skip sahur, you are likely to experience dehydration, lethargy and lack of concentration.

Sahur can also provide your body with additional calories, thereby preventing unwanted weight loss.

2. Iftar in two stages

Some people immediately fill their stomachs with various snacks until they are full and there is no more room for heavy meals when breaking the fast arrives.

This habit is not recommended because it will make you tend to be deficient in calories so that eventually weight loss occurs.

You are advised to divide the time of breaking the fast into two stages. First, you can consume mineral water, dates, or fruit. After that, the consumption of the main food can be done after you have done the evening prayer. This method can help the stomach have space for the main food.

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3. Keep Paying Attention to White Water Needs

Fasting makes most people forget to meet their water needs. In fact, water has an important role for the body, namely avoiding dehydration.

About 60 percent of the human body consists of water. Lack of fluid intake during fasting can cause weight loss, especially when you stay active.

Even though fasting, you are still advised to meet your water needs, namely 8 glasses a day. This amount can be met after breaking the fast and at dawn.

4. Ensure Calorie Needs Are Fulfilled

Calories are the energy found in food. The body needs energy from calories to carry out its functions. When the body lacks calorie intake, the body will use energy reserves.

Therefore, when the body lacks calorie intake, weight loss will occur.

You can prevent weight loss by ensuring the food consumed at dawn and iftar has the number of calories that your body needs.

5. Pay attention to the nutritional content of food

When fasting, the body will use protein as energy. This will cause a decrease in muscle mass and ultimately affect body weight. Therefore, it is important to eat healthy food.

Every time you eat sahur or iftar, you are advised to consume fruits and vegetables, protein, and healthy fats to meet your body’s needs.

6. Regular exercise

Fasting should not be an excuse to skip exercise. Active movement can prevent a decrease in muscle mass during fasting. Thus, weight loss can also be prevented.

You can exercise before breaking the fast or at night. However, avoid strenuous exercise so as not to disturb your sleep.

7. Avoiding Stress

When stressed, the body will release the hormone cortisol which can increase metabolism. This will result in burning calories faster.

When fasting, the body lacks calorie intake and ends up using more energy reserves. Therefore, it is important to avoid stress during fasting so that weight loss does not occur.

Now, those are some tips to keep your weight from dropping during the fasting month. I hope this information is helpful.

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