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7 Tips on How to Make Breast Milk Smooth During Ramadan Fasting | Good Doctor

Not a few nursing mothers are afraid that their milk production will decrease if they fast. Actually, is there a way to make breast milk run smoothly during fasting?

Fasting for mothers who are breastfeeding is a challenge in itself. Because, this is a matter that concerns human life.

Fasting is indeed obligatory, but there are waivers given to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

They can replace it by fasting outside the month of Ramadan. Or by paying fidyah. But what about mothers who still want to fast in Ramadan? Is it safe? Check out the following reviews!

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The effect of fasting on the production and quality of breast milk

Breastfeeding mothers. Photo source:

During fasting the body will produce breast milk as usual. Whether or not a lot of breast milk depends on the amount of fluid consumed by the mother.

Reported from Australian Breastfeeding Association said acute dehydration can indeed cause decreased milk production. But that doesn’t happen to breastfeeding mothers who are fasting.

This was shown in a study by Zimmerman et al (2009) involving 46 breastfeeding mothers with infants aged 1-6 months who fasted for 25 hours.

It was found that there was a slight difference in the composition of the resulting breast milk. But there are no dangerous clinical changes or conditions that affect the baby.

Other research from Bener et al (2001), also found the same thing. This study involved 26 breastfeeding mothers who fasted in the last 2 weeks of Ramadan.

The results found no major differences in the quality and nutrition of the breast milk produced.

Apart from the condition of the breast milk remaining the same, no impact was found that could harm the baby.

Khosdel et al (2007) in his study found that there were no significant differences in aspects of growth, between babies who were breastfed by fasting mothers and those who were not fasting.

Tips on how to make breastfeeding smooth during fasting

In order to keep fasting while breastfeeding your baby to the fullest, there are a few tips here which you can try.

1. Don’t leave sahur

Sahur is a moment that is arguably very important and should not be missed. Make sure you don’t miss breakfast.

Because for ordinary people, fasting without sahur can affect the body’s performance. Especially if you are a nursing mother, sahur is very important to equip your body with nutrition.

2. How to make breastfeeding smooth during fasting with a healthy diet

Balanced diet. Photo source:

A healthy and balanced diet is one of the keys to quality breast milk. Therefore, make sure your sahur and breaking fast menu is always balanced.

Manage portions of carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and fruit wisely. Don’t be easily tempted by the various tempting dishes that are typical of this month of Ramadan.

3. Fulfill the need for fluids when breaking the fast and dawn

Drink as much as you can during iftar and sahur, especially water. Especially if you fast in a season that starts to get hot.

Need more fluids to keep the body hydrated. Remember, dehydration can cause reduced milk production.

So don’t forget to drink a lot when opening and sahur. In addition to water, you can also help with fruit that contains lots of water.

4. Reduce strenuous activities during fasting

During Ramadan as much as possible do not do various household chores during fasting. Like washing clothes, mopping the floor, cleaning the house, and so on.

Too much activity can burn energy and drain more fluids in your body. So do it after breaking the fast.

Or you can also talk with your partner to divide the tasks in doing homework.

5. The way to make breastfeeding smooth during fasting can also be by consuming breast milk boosters

Food for booster breast milk. Photo source:

During fasting, you can consider taking vitamins, supplements, or breast milk boosters. Whether in the form of capsules, tablets, or syrup.

But before taking various types of supplements, it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor first.

In addition to supplementary assistance, you can also consume some foods that can encourage breast milk production.

Such as spinach, oatmeal, nuts such as almonds, brown rice, garlic, barley, cumin, katuk leaves, and others.

6. Eating after tarawih is also a way for breastfeeding to run smoothly during fasting

To add to your daily nutrition, try to eat after tarawih prayers. Eating here doesn’t mean you have to eat heavily.

You can replace it by consuming a bowl of vegetable or fruit salad. smoothiesor juice.

Because during fasting we only eat 2 times a day. So to make sure your body gets an adequate supply of nutrients, you can try this method.

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7. Don’t force yourself, and stop fasting if this happens

Every mother’s condition must be different. There are those who are strong enough to fast all day, there are those who are enough for half a day, or even those who are completely unable to fast during Ramadan.

The most important point is that you are the one who understands yourself best. Don’t force yourself to keep fasting if your body feels unable to.

Hamad Medical Corporation suggest, before deciding to fast it’s a good idea to consult a doctor first.

They also advise breaking the fast immediately if symptoms such as intense thirst, dizziness, weakness, dark or smelly urine, and even fainting appear.

If these symptoms appear, immediately break the fast with water mixed with salt and sugar. It can also be fruit or juice. If after 30 minutes the symptoms do not subside, contact your doctor immediately.

Those are 7 tips on how to make breastfeeding smooth during fasting that you can do. I hope your fasting goes smoothly and the baby is also healthy. Amen!

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