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7 Dangers of Vape to Health You Need to Be Aware of

Using vape or electric cigarettes is often considered healthier than conventional cigarettes, aka tobacco cigarettes. In fact, the use of vaporizer products, also known as vaping, can have a negative impact on health. What are the dangers? Check out the full explanation below.

7 Dangers of Vape to Health You Need to Be Aware of

Dangers of Vaping to Body Health

The use of vape in society is increasingly mushrooming because electric cigarettes are considered safer than tobacco cigarettes, especially because they do not contain carbon monoxide and tar.

In fact, some dangerous chemical substances are also contained in vape, for example nicotine, propanal, acetaldehyde, acrolein, diacetyl, formaldehyde, and heavy metals. All of these contents are equivalent to the content in tobacco cigarettes.

Here are a variety the dangers of vape for health, including:

1. Leads to Addiction

Switching to vaping is considered by some to be an effective way to quit smoking or at least a ‘safe’ alternative to smoking.

The problem is, vape also contains nicotine which is also a type of addictive substance. This content will stimulate the production of the hormone dopamine in the brain in large quantities. This is what ultimately causes the addictive effect.

Therefore, vaping does not necessarily stop your smoking habit. On the contrary, this habit can still cause dependency effects.

2. Harm Lung Health

The next vape side effect to watch out for is related to lung problems. This is caused by the various chemical and metal contents in it.

Inhaled nicotine can trigger lung inflammation and reduce the function of protective tissue in the lungs. In addition, vape liquid also contains diacetyl flavor which can increase the risk of bronchiolitis obliterans (lung popcorn), causes scarring in the lungs.

It doesn’t stop there, vitamin E acetate is found in several vape products that contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). If it is inhaled, this substance can stick to the lungs and cause problems in this organ.

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3. Disturbing Heart Health

Similar to conventional cigarettes, vape still contains nicotine which threatens heart health. This content can increase blood pressure and trigger the hormone adrenaline to be produced more by the body.

In the end, the heart beats faster than usual. This condition can trigger a heart attack, even increasing the risk of coronary artery disease and other blood circulation problems.

4. Causing Disturbances in the Fetus

The dangers of vape can also affect the fetus in the womb. This is due to the content of nicotine and various chemicals in the vape e-cigarette liquid. Nicotine can hinder the development of the baby’s brain and other organs.

In addition, these liquids can also endanger the health of the baby.

5. Affects Oral and Gum Health

Dental and oral health is the main indicator of overall body health. Therefore, maintaining the health of this organ is important to do.

Unfortunately, habits such as smoking and vaping can interfere with oral and gum health. The danger of vaping is strongly suspected of coming from the nicotine content in it.

Nicotine can reduce the flow of blood and nutrients to the gums. In the end, the health of the gums and mouth can decrease. Gum tissue damage can trigger various problems in the mouth.

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6. Damaging the Brain

Nicotine that enters the body in large quantities can harm the brain, especially in adolescents. The impact can override the brain’s functions for regulating mood, learning, impulse control, and attention.

Apart from nicotine, the lead content produced from vape vapor is thought to trigger brain damage.

Not only that, the dangers of vaping can accelerate the aging process and make the brain more vulnerable to neurodegenerative diseases.

7. Increases the Risk of Cancer

The content of formaldehyde in vape cigarettes is carcinogenic. This means that inhaling e-cigarettes has the potential to trigger cancer.

Now, those are the various dangers of vape that are important for you to know. Remember, this negative impact does not only affect active smokers, passive smokers or people who are exposed are also at risk of experiencing the danger. If so, do you still want to use this e-cigarette?

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