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5 Myths About Eating Rules for Diabetics

Limited information about what can and can’t be consumed often makes people with diabetes believe the myths circulating in society; one of them is a sufferer can’t eat sweets. In order not to be mistaken, come on See what information is correct in this article.

5 Myths About Eating Rules for Diabetics

Myths About Eating Rules for People with Diabetes

Here are some myths about eating rules for diabetics that are wrong and don’t need to be believed, including:

1. Special Packaged Foods for Diabetes

Many products on the market claim It is specifically for diabetics because it is free of sugar content. However, foods such as sugar-free chocolate, cakes or biscuits are often still high in calories and saturated fat.

In addition, such foods still use sweeteners which have a laxative effect when consumed too much. Products specifically labeled for diabetes often command a premium price. So, it’s better to choose a standard product but consumed in small quantities.

2. Diabetics Must Avoid Sugar

Not all foods that contain sugar should be avoided. Even though nutritious foods such as vegetables, fruit, and milk generally contain natural sugars which have many health benefits.

Sweet foods that should be avoided are foods that have little nutrition such as candy, sweet drinks, cakes and biscuits. These foods usually contain added sugar which should be avoided.

Meanwhile, if you have type 2 diabetes, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat sweet foods at all. You can still eat sweets even if you can’t eat them every day.

In addition, you still need to pay attention to the portion of food consumed. This aims to maintain blood sugar levels as well as ideal body weight.

3. Diabetes Caused by Too Much Sugar

Diabetes is often considered a disease that occurs due to too much consumption of sweet foods. Even according American Diabetes Association (THERE IS)eating too much sugar alone does not cause diabetes but rather becomes a contributing factor in some cases.

In people with type 1 diabetes, this disease can occur not as a result of a person’s diet or lifestyle choices. But it occurs because the cells that produce insulin in the pancreas are damaged by the immune system.

In addition, the assumption that type 2 diabetes occurs due to consumption of sugar is also not entirely correct. A person affected by this disease can occur due to obesity or overweight.

4. Diabetics Must Follow a Special Diet

The diet for diabetics is the same as everyone’s diet, namely a healthy and balanced diet. For this reason, diabetics do not need to do a special diet.

5. Do not eat foods that contain carbohydrates

Foods containing carbohydrates are often seen as enemies and foods that need to be avoided. Even though it’s not about the carbohydrates themselves, but the type and amount of carbohydrates consumed that are more important to consider.

Not all types of carbohydrates are the same, there are several types of carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index (GI) and are safe for consumption. For that, choose the type of carbohydrate with a low GI so it doesn’t cause a spike in blood glucose.

Now, those are some myths about eating rules for diabetics that are important for you to know. If the information above doesn’t provide a complete answer, consult your doctor to get the right answer.

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