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5 Homecoming Tips for Pregnant Women, Safe and Comfortable Along the Way

Traveling back and forth during pregnancy certainly has risks that might harm the fetus in the womb. However, that does not mean that pregnant women cannot go home. For this reason, there are several things that need to be considered so that going home is safe and healthy. Come onsee tips on going home during pregnancy below.

5 Homecoming Tips for Pregnant Women, Safe and Comfortable Along the Way

Things to Pay Attention to Pregnant Women Before Homecoming

Before pregnant women travel back and forth, there are several things that need to be prepared, including:

1. Consult with a doctor

If you are going to travel for homecoming, you should consult with your obstetrician at least one month beforehand.

Consult your doctor about the destination or what vehicle you will use. That way, the doctor can provide advice or medicines that you may need to get before going home.

2. Prepare Health Equipment

If you are going on a long trip, make sure you bring medicines that might be needed during your return home. For example, pregnant vitamins, diarrhea medicines for pregnant women, eucalyptus oil, and nausea relievers.

3. Avoid Travel at Week 37

Some experts suggest pregnant women do not travel in the 37th week of pregnancy until just before delivery. Especially if you have pregnancy complications with risk factors for preterm labor.

Several risk factors need to be considered when traveling, namely heart disease, severe anemia and respiratory disease.

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Tips for Safe Homecoming while Pregnant

Here are some things that need to be done by pregnant women when traveling back and forth to stay safe and healthy, including:

1. Wear comfortable clothes

Wearing comfortable clothes when going home is very important. Unfortunately, pregnant women often miss this. Even though by wearing comfortable clothes, you will be able to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

For example, not feeling hot due to clothes that are too thick or difficult to move due to clothes that are too tight. For that, wear comfortable clothes so as not to interfere with the trip.

2. Wear a Seat Belt

If you travel by car, you should not forget to fasten your seat belt. This one thing is important to do to maintain your safety while in the passenger seat.

When using a seat belt, make sure the position of the strap crosses in front of your chest, then direct the belt to your hips and under your stomach so that your stomach is not pressed.

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3. Take Time Off

If you are traveling for hours, make sure to take a moment to rest as sitting for too long can lead to swollen feet and discomfort.

If possible, during breaks try to take a short walk so that the tense muscles of the body become more relaxed. In addition, so that swollen feet can be reduced or improved.

If you’re commuting by boat, train, or plane, you can walk down the aisle every 30 minutes to relieve leg cramps. While walking, you can also do light stretching to reduce tense body muscles.

4. Avoid Using Certain Drugs

When traveling you should be careful to take any medication. Certain types of drugs can enter the baby through the placenta and can cause birth defects or premature babies. Avoid over-the-counter drugs unless the drug has been recommended by your obstetrician.

5. Beware of Consumed Snacks

If you are not sure about the food or drink being sold at the rest stop, bring your own drink or food before making departure.

This is important for prevent food poisoning or certain infections that can harm the fetus or trigger a miscarriage,

Nowthose are various comfortable and safe homecoming tips for pregnant women that you need to pay attention to.

It’s important to know, the safest time to be able to travel is during the second trimester as long as you don’t experience any complications. However, still make sure you consult a doctor, especially if the pregnancy has a high risk.

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