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4 Best Health Insurance Recommendations for 2023, Most Complete! | Good Doctor

In general, the best health insurance will have a fairly extensive network or hospital partners, very complete coverage benefits, even up to the insurance limit comparable to hospital fees and premiums.

Therefore, you have to be careful in choosing the best health insurance. It’s better not to just focus on cheap premiums, but also consider the facilities offered up to the limits of their use.

Don’t forget to explore in detail the company’s reputation and financial health to the coverage benefits. For those of you who are still confused about determining, here are the best health insurance recommendations:

Best Health Insurance Recommendations for 2023 in Indonesia

best health insurance

1. AXA Good Health

The first recommendation is AXA Good Health insurance which can be purchased through two digital services, namely Grab Health powered by Good Doctor and websites

AXA Good Health Insurance is a protection solution for health with easy outpatient benefits and quite affordable prices. Where this one health insurance provides three protection options, namely outpatient benefits, inpatient care, to a combination of outpatient and inpatient care.

The following details regarding AXA Good Health insurance that you can consider, such as:

  • You will get a reimbursement fee for online or face-to-face outpatient care, including other tests such as laboratories and medicines according to the bill. The maximum usage limit is up to IDR 100 million per year.
  • Providing digital health facilities such as teleconsultation services with general practitioners and specialists, purchasing and drug delivery options through the Good Doctor application.
  • Providing health services in the form of direct referrals to face-to-face outpatient facilities with doctors and inpatient treatment at partner hospitals throughout Indonesia.
  • You will get daily hospitalization compensation of up to IDR 1 million with facilities cashless.
  • The premium that must be issued for this insurance is very affordable, starting from IDR 105 thousand per month, and a premium discount of 1 times the monthly premium for annual payments.

2. Astra Garda Healthtech

The second recommendation is Astra Garda Healthtech which is one of the best health insurance products from Astra because it has many interesting benefits. Here are some of the benefits of coverage, such as:

  • Premiums that need to be paid start from IDR 500 thousand per year.
  • The benefits reach IDR 3.2 million.
  • Can conduct consultations online on line 14 times.
  • Getting coverage for the cost of prescription drugs is fine on line and face to face.
  • Can carry out face-to-face consultations 7 times with referrals from general practitioners or specialists.
  • Get the cost of drug delivery.
  • Get three package options that can be tailored to your health needs.
  • Can make claims easily cashless.

3. Lippo Health Plus Family

The third recommendation is HealthPlus Family, which is one of the health insurance plans for families. This insurance provides a solution to the right health protection needs for you and your family, and the premiums that need to be paid are also very affordable. Following are some of the benefits of Lippo HealthPlus Family insurance coverage:

  • Customers aged 0-60 years can use this health insurance.
  • Later the policy can continue to be extended until the age of 65 years.
  • One policy can be used for all family members at once.
  • This insurance covers hospitalization costs according to hospital bills.
  • Coverage for room costs reaches IDR 550,000-IDR 1.4 million per day.
  • The annual benefit limit is IDR 150-300 million.
  • Already has 884 partner hospitals in all regions of Indonesia.

4. BRI Life Dasetera

The fourth insurance, BRI Life Dasetera (Prosperous Health Fund Insurance) is one of the best health insurance from BRI Life with a variety of attractive benefits. Following are some of the benefits of BRI Life Dasetera coverage:

  • Premiums that need to be paid start from Rp. 55 thousand with medical and life benefits at the same time in one policy.
  • Get daily hospitalization compensation of up to IDR 1.5 million.
  • Benefit from surgery compensation and also bereavement compensation.
  • Get daily ICU compensation benefits of up to IDR 3 million.
  • There is a premium return of 100 percent if there are no claims for 5 years.
  • There is reimbursement of hospitalization costs using the method reimbursement.
  • Maximum length of stay in hospital is 120 days if using insurance.

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