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4 Benefits of Playing Lato-Lato for Children, Don’t Underestimate

Lato-lato is now a toy that is on the rise. Fun and curious, keeps the players from getting bored to keep the ball moving and making sounds. Who would have thought, it turns out that this game has benefits for children. Check out the full review below,

4 Benefits of Playing Lato-Lato for Children, Don't Underestimate

The Benefits of Playing Lato-Lato for Children

Lato-lato is actually a toy that was a trend in the 1990s. This toy consists of a rope and two colorful heavy balls at each end of the rope.

This game is played by hitting two heavy balls quickly until you hear a ‘tek..tek…tek’ sound.

Not only being able to fill children’s free time, it turns out that playing lato-lato also has benefits for children’s development, including:

1. Cultivating an Unyielding Attitude

Lato-lato games require children to think of ways to keep hitting the ball without breaking it for a long time. When playing, your little one may face failure.

Through the small mistakes and failures faced, he will learn to improve his ability to play lato-lato. It’s not impossible, he will also learn from others to get success in playing it.

This will be a provision for children to cultivate an unyielding attitude. Your little one will learn that failing once doesn’t mean he’ll fail forever.

As long as you don’t give up on learning, trying, and trying, success is not impossible. This game also teaches children not to be ashamed of learning from others because that is one way to achieve success.

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2. Optimizing Motor Movement

When playing lato-lato, children will be forced to move their hands and adjust to a certain strength. This activity will train the ability of the hands, arms, and train eye coordination.

Apparently, through the movements needed when playing lato-lato, children will practice their motor movements. Motor movement exercises are an important part of a child’s growth.

Good motor movement development can help him to carry out daily activities properly.

3. Practicing Patience

Playing lato-lato is not as easy as one might imagine. It takes practice and strategy to succeed in mastering certain tricks in this game.

For children, situations of continuous failure are difficult and can be frustrating. This situation can be your opportunity to teach your child how to deal with frustrated feelings.

These conditions make children will learn to accept and process the feelings that arise.

In addition, this game requires a high level of concentration and calm. When the situation is under control, the hands move more consistently. This can improve the child’s ability to practice calm in carrying out daily activities.

4. Divert from Addictions Gadgets

When gadgets become tools to escape sadness or boredom, and start to interfere with daily life, this can be a sign that children are already using them. excessively. Especially if he starts to worry about the battery and the gadget taken.

Spending too much time playing gadgets it is unhealthy, it can result in bad grades and increase the risk of obesity.

You can introduce lato-lato to children to distract them from electronic devices. As well as reducing usage gadgetsthis game will also make it more active.

Playing lato-lato is fun and intriguing. When you succeed in doing so, there will be a sense of pride and satisfaction.

However, please note that anything in excess will not be good. As a parent, you still need to monitor and limit this play.

You should also invite children to do other physical activities to train their gross motor movements.

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