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12 Dangers of Drinking Soda Every Day for Body Health

Soda is a very popular drink to quench thirst. However, behind the pleasure of soda there are bad effects for health. What are the dangers? Check out the full explanation below.

12 Dangers of Drinking Soda Every Day for Body Health

Dangers of Drinking Soda Every Day for Health

The very high sugar content of soft drinks will begin to enter the blood about 10 to 15 minutes after consuming it. This is what will have a bad effect on the health of the body.

The following are various bad effects that can occur if you regularly drink soda, including:

1. Obesity

A study found that the more you consume soft drinks, the greater the risk of being overweight. In fact, consuming two or more cans a day can increase your waistline by as much as 500%.

This is because artificial sweeteners in soft drinks can interfere with the body’s natural ability to regulate calorie intake based on the sweet taste of food.

2. Kidney Disorders

A study reveals, too often consuming soda may have adverse effects on the kidneys. Kidney function will experience a decrease in function if someone consumes it more than twice a day. This study suspects that this effect is caused by the content of artificial sweeteners in it.

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3. Type 2 Diabetes

Consuming soda too often has the effect of increasing type 2 diabetes. This increase in blood sugar levels forces the body to convert sugar into fat in the liver.

Over six months, fat deposits in the liver may have increased by as much as 150%, a condition that increases the risk of diabetes.

Other studies have shown that the artificial sweeteners in soda increase the desire to consume sweeter foods from real sugar.

4. Disrupt Metabolism

According to a study, consuming soda once a day has a 34% higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome.

This syndrome causes symptoms that can be characterized by the accumulation of fat in the stomach and high cholesterol, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease.

5. Damage Teeth

The acidic nature of soda can dissolve tooth enamel if you consume it too often. Adults who drank three or more sodas a day had worse dental health. The bad effects of drinking soda will make more fallen teeth and cavities.

6. Receding gums

The habit of consuming soft drinks can also cause the gum line to shrink or known as gingival recession. This condition can occur because the sugar content, preservatives, and artificial coloring found in the average soda can settle under the gums.

If the gum area is not cleaned thoroughly, bacteria will feed on the particles causing infection and damage to the gum tissue; which is nearly impossible to regenerate.

7. Joint Pain

Aches and pains in the joints that don’t go away may get worse every time you consume sugary soda.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals that women who regularly consume sugary sodas have an increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis. In addition to joint pain, this autoimmune disease causes swelling and stiffness in the joints.

8. Strokes

The effect of drinking soda directly causes an increase in fat deposits in the body, this condition can cause hardening of the arteries (including those close to the brain), thus increasing the risk of stroke.

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9. Increase Cholesterol

One can of soda contains more sugar than you need in a day. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that, too much sugar intake causes an increase in bad cholesterol (LDL), while levels of good cholesterol (HDL) show a decrease.

10. Heart Failure

A study published in the British Medical Journal suggests that the effects of drinking soda can lead to heart failure.

The risk of heart failure is closely related to diabetes, obesity and uncontrolled blood pressure. All of these diseases occur due to regular consumption of soda and other sweet drinks.

11. Cardiovascular Disease

The Journal of General Internal Medicine reveals that soda drinkers are at higher risk of stroke, heart attack, or death from vascular disease.

Some of these risks occur even when you try to control for other factors that increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, such as smoking, lack of exercise, and a sedentary lifestyle.

Therefore, to keep the cardiovascular system strong as we age, it’s time to stop drinking soda.

12. Cancer

A study conducted on rats revealed that the caramel dye used in some coke drinks is made from ammonia and has been shown to cause cancer, including colorectal and reproductive cancers.

Aluminum cans for soda are usually coated bisphenol A (BPA), a compound that causes cancer in the reproductive organs.

Now,, that’s the various dangers of soft drinks for the body that you should be aware of. Hopefully this information is useful, Healthy Friends.

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