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10 Ways to Overcome Motion Sickness during Lebaran Homecoming

Traveling long distances, whether it’s going home to your hometown or traveling, can cause symptoms known as motion sickness (travel sickness). So, how do you avoid experiencing this condition? Check out the explanation below.

10 Ways to Overcome Motion Sickness during Lebaran Homecoming

How to Overcome Motion Sickness

No matter what type of transportation you use, be it air, land or sea transportation, some people will still be prone to experiencing motion sickness. Usually, this is related to the condition of the body that is not fit enough to travel.

Here are a number of ways you can deal with motion sickness while traveling, including:

1. Don’t eat until you’re full

Before traveling, you should first fill your stomach. Besides being able to provide energy for the body, this can also help prevent motion sickness.

However, you have to pay attention to the portion of food consumed. If you eat excessively until you are full, the risk of getting drunk actually increases.

Shocks during the trip can trigger a sensation of dizziness and nausea if a lot of food enters the stomach.

2. If you feel dizzy, try to close your eyes

If while traveling you suddenly feel dizzy, you should close your eyes or if you need to rest for a while. This is an effective way to deal with motion sickness symptoms.

Place your head and body in a position that is comfortable for you. Meanwhile, when traveling by private vehicle, pull over for a moment to the nearest resting place.

Do not force yourself to continue the journey because it could endanger yourself and others.

3. Eat Candy

Quite a lot of people choose to eat candy as a way to deal with motion sickness symptoms such as dizziness and nausea.

Candies that can provide these benefits are mint-flavored candies. However, if you are used to eating fruit-flavored candies, you can also eat them.

Eating candy can help reduce stomach acid production so that it finally makes the sensation of dizziness and nausea when traveling subside.

4. Enjoy the View

Reading a book or continuing to play on your cell phone while traveling can make your head dizzy and your stomach queasy. For this reason, it’s a good idea to look out the window every once in a while and take in the view.

Especially if you happen to pass through areas that are still green. This can make the mind more relaxed and ultimately able to help get rid of the sensation of dizziness and nausea.

5. Using Wind Oil

One way that is quite effective for dealing with drunken sensations such as nausea and dizziness is to use wind oil or aromatherapy oil.

You can apply it on your forehead or smell the aroma to get rid of the symptoms of a hangover when you go home for Eid.

In addition, if you are using your own vehicle and are not comfortable with the smell of car perfume, you should get rid of the air freshener to prevent motion sickness.

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6. Taking anti motion sickness drugs

There are many motion sickness drug products that you can get at the pharmacy. Some drugs are effective enough to relieve the typical symptoms of motion sickness.

The drug actually works by making it easier for you to fall asleep and eventually fall asleep during the trip. As a result, with sleep you can avoid these symptoms.

However, if you have allergies or restrictions on certain drugs, don’t take them carelessly.

If you are in doubt, first consult with your doctor about which motion sickness medication is suitable for consumption.

7. Consumption of Snacks

Actually, not everyone is comfortable with light food, especially with the smell, which sometimes triggers a sensation of dizziness and nausea.

But if you don’t have a problem with this, then eating snacks such as biscuits or chips can be a pretty powerful way to deal with motion sickness

8. Drink Lots of Water

The sensation of motion sickness that you experience may end up in vomiting. If this is the case, then apart from carrying out the methods previously mentioned, you must also immediately drink lots of water.

Drink plenty of water to replace body fluids so you stay hydrated. The reason is, vomiting causes body fluids to also come out. If you don’t get enough water right away, your body will become dehydrated, which can have a negative impact.

9. Drink Ginger Water

Several studies have revealed that ginger has the potential to treat nausea symptoms, such as those that often occur when traveling. Apart from brewing ginger water, you can also consume ginger candy.

10. Acupressure

If you have arrived at your destination but the sensation of nausea and dizziness hasn’t gone away, then what you can do is do an acupressure massage, namely pressing certain points of the body. This method is believed to be effective in overcoming the sensation of nausea and dizziness that appears.

Apart from doing it independently, if possible you can also use the services of a professional therapist for this.

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How to Prevent Travel Sickness

After knowing the various ways to deal with motion sickness as above, another important thing you should know is how to prevent this condition.

Here are tips to avoid motion sickness that you can apply, including:

  • Always sit in a position that allows the eye to perceive the same movement that is felt by the body and inner ear.
  • If traveling by car, try to sit in the front seat so that the view becomes wider.
  • If using an airplane, try to choose a seat near the window so you can see outside. In addition, choose a seat that is located directly above the wing to minimize shocks.
  • Avoid reading books or staring at smartphone screens for too long during the trip.
  • Avoid using strong scents, such as vehicle fresheners or perfumes.
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