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10 Types of Cancer That Can Appear Without Early Symptoms, Don’t Ignore It

Besides the heart of sa disease that has earned a nickname silent killer ais cancer. The term is pinned because its presence is often undetected and tends to kill silently. So, what are the types of cancer without early symptoms to watch out for? Check out the full explanation below.

10 Types of Cancer That Can Appear Without Early Symptoms, Don't Ignore It

Types of Cancer That Appear Without Early Symptoms

Some types of cancer do not show symptoms until they develop into an advanced stage. Therefore, it is important for you, especially those who have a higher risk, to monitor the symptoms.

The following are types of cancer without early symptoms that are important for you to know, including:

1. Prostate Cancer

This cancer is a type of cancer that is often feared by men and is common in people over the age of 50.

Unfortunately, prostate cancer tends to cause no early symptoms at all, so it can often only be detected when the condition is severe enough, such as bone damage and triggering many complications.

2. Testicular Cancer

Not only prostate cancer, testicular cancer is equally dangerous for men. This cancer usually appears in one or both testicles. This cancer is a type of cancer that can be cured even though the sufferer is at great risk of developing complications.

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3. Colon Cancer

These cancers generally develop and last a long time before symptoms appear. Colon cancer makes it easy for sufferers to experience stomach pain, stomach pain, and intestinal infections which tend to be considered mild health problems.

4. Pancreatic Cancer

This cancer attacks the colon or the last part of the digestive system. Pancreatic cancer also includes cancer without early symptoms so it is difficult to identify specifically.

What’s more, the signs that this disease raises are not nearly the same as other conditions, such as weight loss, stomach pain, or lack of appetite.

5. Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that grows in the breast tissue. The symptoms are different for each person. In fact, most sufferers experience no symptoms at all, especially in stage 1 breast cancer.

Although it rarely causes symptoms, there are several characteristics of breast cancer that need to be recognized as an effort for early detection, such as the appearance of a lump in the breast, a change in breast skin color, sore nipples, or a lump in the armpit.

6. Lung Cancer

Usually, people with this disease will only feel pain after the cancer has spread to the pleural lining (the thin layer that covers the lungs). This is because the lungs do not have nerves that can make the sufferer feel pain.

7. Liver Cancer

This cancer is difficult to detect because the liver is in the part of the stomach that is covered by the ribs. Symptoms of this disease will only appear after the cancer has spread. Although the factors that cause death in this cancer vary, most are caused by the hepatitis C virus which damages the liver.

8. Skin Cancer (Melanoma)

This type of cancer does not cause typical symptoms. Not a few people think of this skin cancer as cystic acne or ordinary skin problems. In fact, if left too long, this disease can spread to the brain.

Most of the melanoma cancer they are red, brown, and some have no color at all. Q condition,

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9. Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that women should be aware of. Just like testicular cancer, the symptoms of this disease are often not recognized by the sufferer until it develops to an advanced stage.

Usually, the early signs of ovarian cancer are mistaken for less severe conditions such as digestive disorders or changes in health conditions due to aging.

10. Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer usually doesn’t cause any symptoms in its early stages. Often this deadly disease is only detected after the patient has a blood test.

Now, those are some types of cancer without early symptoms that are important for you to know. Routine cancer screening is needed to increase the chances of recovery and for someone who has a high risk of developing certain cancers.

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