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10 Tips for Homecoming for Eid to Stay Healthy and Safe Until the Destination

The Lebaran homecoming tradition requires careful preparation, whether by land, sea or air travel. In order to arrive at your destination safely, there are a number of healthy homecoming tips that you can apply. Come onsee the full explanation below.

10 Tips for Homecoming for Eid to Stay Healthy and Safe Until the Destination

Tips for Safe and Healthy Eid Homecoming with Family

Travelers are advised to maintain safety by obeying traffic rules while driving. In addition, health during homecoming must also be a concern, especially when driving a private vehicle.

In order to prevent unwanted things, take steps that can help maintain your health while on the trip. Here are healthy homecoming tips that you can apply, including:

1. Consumption of Fruit

There is no doubt that fruits have a myriad of benefits for the health of the body. Apart from keeping the body healthy and fit, fruits are also able to hydrate the body during fasting.

Choose fruits that contain high water such as melons, watermelons, pears, or apples. Eat this fruit at dawn and break the fast so that the body is hydrated longer, especially when traveling back and forth.

2. Eat more vegetables

It’s incomplete if you eat fruits without vegetables. Vegetables also contain nutrients needed by the body.

When going home, try to add more vegetables to the breakfast menu, such as broccoli, cucumbers and other water-containing vegetables so that the body stays hydrated during homecoming. Try to consume it in large quantities at dawn.

3. Drink Young Coconut Water

Apart from water, coconut water also has many health benefits. Coconut water is able to replace lost body fluids. You can drink coconut water too helps fight free radicals because of its antioxidant content.

The content of water and nutrients contained in coconut water makes this drink suitable as a prevention of dehydration. Unfortunately, coconut water is only able to overcome mild and moderate dehydration.

If you want to keep fasting while going home, try drinking coconut water at dawn and breaking the fast so that lost fluids can be replaced immediately.

4. Check Health Conditions to the Doctor

Before leaving for homecoming, don’t try to do self-diagnosis, which is diagnosing or identifying your own medical condition. This is not recommended and can harm the body’s condition.

The best step is to immediately consult a doctor to get more accurate results. If your body is in good condition, chances are that going home will be smooth. Conversely, if your body condition is not good, it will actually hinder your journey.

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5. Enough Sleep

According to one study, sleep plays an important role in maintaining health, especially when crossing time zones. Disturbances in circadian rhythms can affect the immune system.

Therefore, a week before going home, set the same sleep and wake times every day, at least close to homecoming time.

If that method is not possible, consume snacks during the trip, meet the body’s fluid needs, and avoid caffeinated drinks. During breaks, take time to expose your body to the sun. This method is useful for adjusting to a new time zone.

6. The body remains active

Homecoming is not just sitting or sleeping during the trip. If you are going home by land, take the time to stop for a moment from your trip to just move your body or walk around the rest area.

If by air, occasionally go to the toilet so that the body moves. Meanwhile, for those who go home by sea, you can move freely on the ship.

Keep in mind, physical activity can boost the immune system and release endorphins that make you feel good.

7. Carry a First Aid Kit

The next healthy and safe homecoming tip is to make sure to always carry a first aid kit (first aid in an accident).

In this case, you can fill the first aid kit with light medicines that can help relieve health problems that often occur when going home, one of which is motion sickness.

Also complete the first aid kit with eucalyptus oil, balm, bandages and plaster.

8. Bring a Neck Pillow

A neck pillow will really help your trip back and forth. This pillow will help position the head and help to relax during the trip.

A neck pillow can help position the head so it doesn’t fall to the right or left side so that it keeps the head in position.

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9. Prokes Discipline for the Prevention of COVID-19

Remembering that we are still in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, don’t forget to always comply with health protocols to prevent transmission of the corona virus.

During the trip back and forth, be sure to be disciplined in wearing a mask, keeping your distance, avoiding crowds, and washing your hands. This step is very important so that the virus does not spread during Eid.

10. Getting Vaccinated

The most important thing to do when going home during a pandemic is to get the COVID-19 vaccine up to dose boosters. This is useful to prevent the spread of the virus in the hometown.

If traveling to areas where there is a risk of disease certainbe sure to go to a clinic or hospital that provides the appropriate vaccinations.

Now, those are safe and healthy homecoming tips that you can apply before and during your trip. Hopefully this information is useful, Healthy Friends.

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