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10 Healthy Tips During Fasting in the Midst of a Corona Outbreak | Good Doctor

It is important for us to stay healthy during fasting. Especially with the corona virus pandemic or COVID-19 which is currently hitting Indonesia.

Reported from Kompas.comHead of the Expert Team for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19 Wiku Adisasmito said that the peak of the corona pandemic would occur in early May to early June.

That means we have to live the month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr in the midst of an epidemic. In order to stay healthy and be able to carry out worship to the fullest, what should we do?

Here are 10 Tips for Staying Healthy During Fasting in the Midst of the Corona Pandemic

healthy during fasting

Both WHO and the Indonesian government have advised us to stay at home during the corona pandemic.

Now, There are several things you can do to stay healthy while at home.

1. Create to-do list daily

Because there is a policy of studying at home, working at home, and worshiping at home, it doesn’t mean you can relax and have fun.

Reported from wmich. edu, Dr. Brian Fuller Counseling Director of WMU’s Sindecuse Health Center advise us to maintain the routine as usual.

Starting from eating at the same time, sleeping and waking up at the same time, and doing other activities such as sports or studying regularly.

The solution, you can take advantage of the application Google Calendaror application to-do list another to record daily plans.

2. A healthy diet during fasting

Due to being forced to stay at home, maybe many of you are stocking up on food and snacks abound in the kitchen. Watch out, don’t be easily tempted!

You must maintain your diet during fasting in the midst of this pandemic. Don’t forget to increase your consumption of vegetables, fruit, and fiber.

It is also important to eat foods that can strengthen the body’s immune system. Namely those containing beta carotene, Vit C, Vit D, zinc, protein, and prebiotics.

3. Reduce the frequency of going to the supermarket

In the midst of a pandemic, you are still allowed to leave the house. One of them went to the supermarket to buy groceries.

But before going, it’s good to make food preparation. Namely planning what menu you want to make for the next one or two weeks.

That way, you can record all your needs and buy them at one time. It would be even better if you shop online on line.

If you decide to go to the supermarket, make sure to keep your distance. And immediately take a shower and wash clothes when you get home.

4. Stay active and healthy during fasting with light exercise

Don’t forget to always make time for light exercise. Can start with stretching in the morning while doing sunbathing aka sunbathing.

In this digital era, it’s even easier for us. You can open YouTube and see tutorials from health expertsfrom yoga to aerobics.

Apart from that, there is also an HP application that can give you a schedule and daily exercise guide.

5. Healthy during fasting with enough sleep

During fasting, our sleep patterns will indeed change because we have to wake up at dawn. But you know, enough sleep is very useful for fighting corona you know!

Reported from The Philadelphia Inquirer, Timothy Craig said sleeping between 7 and 9 hours plays a very important role in strengthening the body’s immune system.

Lack of sleep can be a factor in inflammation. Therefore you should not stay up late, go to bed early, and get enough sleep duration.

6. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol

As we know, Corona is a virus that attacks the respiratory system. Therefore it is better to stop smoking.

Because smoking can cause inflammation and reduce the ability of the lungs to fight viruses or infections.

You should also reduce the frequency of drinking alcoholic beverages. In order to maintain the health of the body as a whole.

7. Avoid stress and keep entertain yourself!

Apart from physical health, mental health you should also pay attention. Not too much overthinking and multiply it positive thinking.

WHO advises us to do many things that can reduce stress. You can do a hobby that you enjoy.

Like painting, playing games, watching movies, drama marathons, or just lying down while listening to music.

8. Read less news about corona

In one of its recommendations, WHO advises us to reduce the frequency of reading or watching news about corona.

News about the number of positive cases of corona and the death toll that is increasing every day can actually make you panic and stress.

Meanwhile, you should increase your information and educate yourself about this disease. One of them is through the official website of WHO.

9. stay connected!

Undergoing self-quarantine does force us not to be able to meet and gather with friends and relatives.

Make sure you are always connected with the people you love. Can with chats, e-mails, video calls, or video conferencing.

Especially if you are a migrant who is threatened with not being able to go home. Make sure to keep in touch with your family in the village, so you don’t feel alone and isolated.

10. Please, stay at home!

Until all of these pandemics are over, let’s obey the government’s and WHO’s recommendations to do so physical distancing. By staying at home!

Remember that you are not alone, and you need a joint contribution so that this pandemic can end quickly.

Those are 10 tips you can do to stay healthy during fasting. Hopefully this pandemic will end soon, and we can do our activities as usual. Amen!

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