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10 Benefits of Soy Milk for Pregnant Women and Their Side Effects

Meeting nutritional needs during pregnancy is important. One of the healthy drinks that can be consumed is soy milk. Although useful, if you consume it excessively there are side effects. Check out the full explanation in the following review.

10 Benefits of Soy Milk for Pregnant Women and Their Side Effects

Nutritional Content Soy milk

Soy milk is milk obtained from processed soybeans that have been boiled and ground, then mixed with water.

Various kinds of benefits can be obtained by consuming soy milk regularly, including for pregnant women. The benefits of soy milk cannot be separated from the content of a number of important substances in it.

The following is the nutritional content contained in it, including:

  • Calcium.
  • Iron.
  • Zinc.
  • Fiber.
  • Proteins.
  • Carbohydrate.
  • Flavonoids.
  • Folic acid.
  • Omega-3.
  • Vitamin D

Benefits of Soy Milk for Pregnant Women and Fetuses

Besides being beneficial for maintaining the health of pregnant women, consumption of soy milk is also useful for supporting the maximum growth and development of the fetus.

Here are the various benefits of soy milk for pregnant women and the fetus that are important for you to know, including:

1. Optimizing Bone and Teeth Formation

The first benefit of soy milk for pregnant women and the fetus is to optimize the formation of the bones and teeth of the prospective baby.

This is because soybeans are enriched with calcium, which is a mineral that is an important element in the formation of bones and teeth; while keeping them strong and functioning properly.

2. Helps Grow Organs and Tissues

Consuming soy milk regularly for pregnant women also aims to help the organs and tissues of the fetus grow and develop.

The benefits of this one soy milk are obtained from the protein content in it. As is known, protein is a substance that is needed for the formation of organs and tissues, as well as maintaining the health and function of both. Not only that, protein also functions to repair damaged body cells.

3. Source of Energy

Content The carbohydrates in soy milk make this drink a good source of energy for pregnant women.

during pregnancy, fatigue is a common condition. Therefore, pregnant women need more intake of nutrients that can provide additional energy, one of which is soybeans.

The types of carbohydrates in soybeans are included in the group of complex carbohydrates. That’s what makes it longer for the body to process. As a result, the energy obtained does not run out quickly.

4. Minimizing the Risk of Anemia

Lack of blood aka anemia also become another threat that haunts pregnant women. If this condition occurs, the impact will be very bad, including babies born prematurely with less than ideal body weight.

By consuming soy milk regularly, it is hoped that the risk of developing this health problem can be minimized. This is because soy milk is enriched with iron, which is a mineral whose main function is to help optimize the production of red blood cells in the body.

5. Prevent Preeclampsia

Apart from anaemia, preeclampsia is a complication that pregnant women are prone to experience. Vitamin D deficiency (deficiency) is a risk factor for this condition.

This is what then makes soy milk a mandatory food during pregnancy. The reason is, soy milk is also fortified with vitamin D.

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6. Prevent babies born with defects

Soybeans are rich in folic acid, aka vitamin B9, which is believed to help prevent birth defects. Not only that, vitamin B9 is also claimed to be able to optimize the growth and development of fetal nerve cells.

7. Controls Blood Sugar Levels

The next reason why pregnant women are strongly advised to consume soy milk and other processed products from these nuts is because they are claimed to be able to prevent—or at least minimize the risk of increasing blood sugar levels which can lead to diabetes.

High blood sugar levels during pregnancy can certainly have a negative impact on the mother’s body and the fetus that is being conceived. Therefore, start consuming soy milk regularly.

8. Maintain Cholesterol Levels

The benefits of soy milk for pregnant women which is equally important is to maintain normal cholesterol levels in the body.

This is inseparable from the presence of fiber content. According to many studies, this type of complex carbohydrate is effective for lowering LDL fat, aka bad cholesterol.

As is known, cholesterol is a source of cardiovascular disease such as heart disease and stroke, both of which are very likely to attack pregnant women.

9. Launching the Digestive System

Still from the fiber content it has, the benefits of soy milk for pregnant women and the next fetus is to launch the digestive system.

Fiber works by absorbing water. This then makes the texture of the stool soft so that it is easier to remove from the body. Lack of fiber is indeed a trigger for the emergence of a number of problems related to the digestive system, one of which is difficult bowel movements (BAB) or constipation.

10. Supports the Development of the Fetal Nervous System

The content of folate in soy milk is a nutrient that is useful for optimizing the development of the nervous system and fetal brain. It should be noted, meeting the needs of folate and vitamin B12 during pregnancy has been shown to prevent birth defects of the baby’s nerves such as spina bifida.

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Side Effects of Soy Milk for Pregnant Women and Fetuses

Even though it is beneficial for the health of pregnant women and their fetus, excessive consumption can trigger several health problems, including:

  • Lowering Good Cholesterol During Pregnancy

Even though it is rich in benefits, if consumed too much, soy milk can reduce natural cholesterol levels (good cholesterol) which the mother’s body actually needs during pregnancy. Cholesterol plays a role in the formation of vitamin D, as well as pregnancy hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.

  • Increases the Risk of Fetal Reproductive System Disorders

Isoflavones in soy milk have a chemical structure that resembles the hormone estrogen. In pregnant women who have male fetuses, excessive intake of isoflavones is thought to increase the risk of the fetus experiencing disorders of the reproductive system or vital organs.

Meanwhile, in female fetuses, excess intake of isoflavones is thought to increase the risk of the fetus experiencing early puberty in the future.

  • Inhibits Absorption of Fetus Needed Minerals

Apart from folic acid, soybeans also contain phytic acid which can interfere with the absorption of essential minerals needed by the fetus such as zinc, iron and calcium in the mother’s intestines.

Unfortunately, some of the side effects of soy milk above have only been known through small-scale studies, which makes more research needed to be sure.

However, basically soy milk is still safe for consumption by pregnant women, as long as the portion is not excessive. The recommended amount of soy milk consumption for pregnant women is 1-2 glasses per day.

For mothers with healthy pregnancies and fetuses, soy milk may be used as part of the daily menu.

However, if pregnant women have a history of diseases such as thyroid or breast cancer, it is better to limit or maybe avoid consuming soy milk. If you are still unsure about consuming it, you should consult with your obstetrician first.

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